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Craighalbert Centre

Additional Support

Medical Advisor

A medical advisor (paediatric neurologist) holds regular clinics at the Centre.

Speech and Language Therapy

The Centre has an arrangement with NHS Greater Glasgow (Yorkhill Division) under which Speech and Language Therapists work with the Centre to complement the work of the Centre's staff.

Educational Audiologist

The Centre has an arrangement with Donaldson's College, Scotland's national school for deaf young people, under which an educational audiologist works regularly in the Centre to complement the work of the Centre's staff.

Family Support

The Centre employs a Family Support Co-ordinator to offer support to children and young people with motor impairments, and their families and carers. The Co-ordinator aims to provide information to parents, support parents in their effort to secure appropriate services for their children and to help parents ensure their views and feelings are considered when important decisions are being made regarding their child's welfare.

Families are encouraged to look at all relevant services available to enable them to make informed choices prior to making decisions about their lives and those of their children.

If you think this service could help you, or if you would like further information, please contact:

Diane Lowrie
Family Support Co-ordinator
T: 01236 456100

Mon 6 Jul