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What External Assessors Say About SCCMI

HOW WELL WE DO IT - External Assessment of the Quality of SCCMI’S Work 


Over recent years, a number of external assessments have been undertaken which confirm the high quality of the SCCMI’s provision. A summary of the key issues identified in these reports are provided below, with an overview of these reports indicating that:

Education Scotland


We were delighted to receive a highly positive report from Education Scotland following the Inspection in June 2016, with the Inspectors views confirming the high quality education and therapy services and facilities offered by the SCCMI. Statements from the Report are detailed below, with the Inspectors using the terms, ‘outstanding, ‘excellent’ and ‘exceptional’ through the report.  


Key Strengths

The Inspectors identified our strengths as being:

  • Happy, motivated, engaged children who benefit from the rich communication environment.

  • Highly skilled staff and high-quality collaborative and integrated teamwork.

  • Outstanding support for families.

  • Leadership of the senior management team.


    Developing Children’s Abilities

    The Inspectors stated that children in the SCCMI are:

  • Making very good progress and learning and achieving very well.

  • Highly motivated by and respond well to the frequent and very well-judged use of praise and encouragement.

  • Supported to make decisions, express preferences and encouraged to do as much as they can for themselves.

  • Improving their physical wellbeing and gaining confidence.

  • Listening and communicating very well in a variety of ways, including the use of on-body signing, symbols, and technology such as eye gaze.

  • Benefitting greatly from well-planned challenging physical activities and therapies in both individual and group settings.

    High Quality Operations

  • Outstanding teamwork - staff collaborate to draw up very detailed profiles based on highly effective assessments.

  • Trusting relationships children have with staff.

  • Excellent systems for identifying children’s strengths and the difficulties they face.

  • Planning and resources for physical education are outstanding.



  • Parents feel welcome and commented very positively on the support to them and their children.

  • SCCMI provides parents and partners with informative reports of exceptional quality on their children’s progress and achievement.

    The Curriculum

    The curriculum:

  • Is based on the identified needs, abilities and interests of children.

  • Provides a range of interesting topics to help children make links across learning.

  • Promotes children’s literacy and numeracy skills effectively.


    Leadership and Management

  • The Chief Executive has a very clear vision for the future of the SCCMI and has successfully steered it through a period of considerable change.

  • The Chief Executive is very well supported by a team of very experienced and highly skilled senior staff who fulfil their roles very well.

  • The Chief Executive and management team have successfully improved children’s learning experiences, achievements, and wellbeing.


Residential Commissioning Framework Outcomes 2014


In July 2014, Scotland Excel identified the SCCMI as the highest ranked of some 50 independent organisations from all parts of Scotland on the basis of both cost and quality in the provision of both nursery and primary day education.  Scotland Excel highlighted SCCMI’s high standards and the way in which SCCMI’s approaches were put into practice to enable pupil outcomes.


Care Inspectorate


The SCCMI was subject to an unannounced inspection by the Care Inspectorate, with the report published in April 2014.  Inspectors made many positive statements regarding our work, with the concluding statement stating: .... “we found that children and families benefited from excellent care and support provided by caring dedicated staff and management team”.   Of 8 areas assessed, SCCMI was assessed as ‘excellent’ in 2 and ‘very good’ in 6 areas, with areas in which excellence was achieved being the:

  • Quality of staffing - with inspectors identifying excellent performance in ensuring that staff were professional, trained and motivated; and 

  • Ensuring children’s health and wellbeing needs are met - with inspectors reporting on “excellent performance” and “management and staff should continue to develop the excellent practice.”


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