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Craighalbert Centre


SCCMI’s Physical Environment 

SCCMI’s management believe that the environment within which children are educated and engage in various therapies should be functionally appropriate and be as pleasant as possible.  

As befits a major national organisation addressing the needs of children affected by cerebral palsy and related conditions, which results in complex motor, physical, communication and visual difficulties and substantial general health care requirements, and the families of such children/young people, SCCMI’s building and outdoor facilities at its main operating base at the Craighalbert Centre are high quality, purpose-built, readily accessible, well-maintained and designed to facilitate children’s active engagement with their learning and therapeutic activities. 

SCCMI’s Craighalbert Centre’s physical environment is light, welcoming, air-conditioned and well ventilated, with learning and therapy areas sufficiently spacious to allow both ambulant and non-ambulant children/young people ample space for moving and accessing appropriate equipment.  

SCCMI strives to ensure its main operating base at the Craighalbert Centre is a child-friendly environment and welcoming to parents/carers and other professionals. The Craighalbert Centre facilities are therefore highly accessible, facilitate a range of learning and play opportunities enabling children/young people to actively engage in their learning and therapy, spacious enough to accommodate specialist equipment to enable both non-ambulant and ambulant children’s sitting and standing and facilitate their independent and assisted movement.   
The excellent physical facilities at the Craighalbert Centre include well-equipped indoor and outdoor learning and therapy areas which are appropriate for the age and ability range of all children/young people who engage with SCCMI’s programmes.

The facilities include:
- spacious classroom learning and therapy areas;
- a custom designed Sensory Discovery Room;
- a state-of-the-art Hydrotherapy Pool which contributes to the excellent therapeutic environment,
- dining facilities that facilitate healthy eating, feeding skills and children’s social interaction;
- specially designed children’s toilet areas which encourage the development of self-help skills and as far as is possible, promote functional independence and ensure maintenance of each child’s dignity;
- wheelchair accessible play area and outdoor learning areas which are safe and well-maintained sheltered and checked prior to use enabling participation in eg gardening and sports.

SCCMI management has committed substantial resources to continually invest in the maintenance and upgrading of its physical facilities and equipment which continue to draw positive comments from parents/carers, professionals, visitors and external assessors.  


SCCMI has an impressive and extensive range of specialist equipment to support children’s learning, physical, functional and communication requirements. In line with SCCMI’s person-centred approach, many items of equipment have been specifically purchased or adapted to meet the individual needs of each child. In addition, equipment is sufficient in quantity and range to allow classrooms to be set up for the day, minimising the need to move equipment and includes eg:
- specialist seating, standing frames and walking aids
- Rebound Therapy equipment
-      Sensory gym
- age/developmental stage appropriate play equipment
- accessible information technology and associated specialist software 
- a range of augmentative and alternative communication resources which contribute to SCCMI’s  total communication environment
- musical instruments.

SCCMI staff undertake a detailed assessment of each child’s needs in order to identify the most appropriate equipment to address each child’s needs.  Such assessment is however highly collaborative and involves the child, their parents/carers and consultation, as appropriate, with external professionals and the equipment manufacturers prior to provision of eg  communication aids, supportive seating, mobility aids or wheelchairs.


SCCMI is committed to ensuring that its environment is safe and that its service users are protected. To that end, SCCMI’s facilities are maintained to the highest of standards and the in-house Housekeeping Team maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout. Visitors do not have unsupervised access to the children or their accomodation. 

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