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Department of Flexible Programmes

The major theme of the Department of Flexible Programmes is developing the physical and functional abilities of children throughout Scotland to enable them to gain or maintain access to an appropriate curriculum.

The department’s services include:

Parent & Baby Service
Parent & Child Service
Week/Weekend Programmes
Siblings Service
Outreach programmes


The first few years of a child's life are the most important, as it's at this time that they learn skills that will help them negotiate life successfully. Intervention in the early years, particularly for the motor impaired child, is important in helping them achieve that success.
The Centre runs a free service for babies under the age of one and their parents. Parents work with their child under the guidance and support of staff on a weekly basis. The emphasis is initially on encouraging positive early parent/child interaction within a motivating and fun environment. Although the main accent is on encouraging good movement, all aspects of the child's development are incorporated into the programme. There is a focus on encouraging parents' awareness of how to encourage functional movement patterns and to understand the appropriateness of correct positioning of their child throughout the day and night. These sessions are often a valuable way for parents to meet other people in a similar situation and have access to our Family Support Co-ordinator.

This free service is only possible through charitable donations and fundraising raised by the Friends of Craighalbert.  For more information on fundraising, please click here.


The Parent & Child Group is for children between the ages of one and four years old and their parent or carer throughout a three-hour session. This happy and secure environment allows parents and their children to enjoy learning together. The children are taught ways to achieve purposeful movement, developing skills that can be applied for play, learning and life. Their success in doing this increases their confidence and self-esteem. All developmental areas will be addressed in the context of national guidance for this age group through mediated play activities.

Staff assist parents to develop greater understanding of their child's condition and they will be guided in how to use what is learned during the session in the home environment.

The group aims to:
- Create a happy and secure environment for the child and parent so that they will enjoy learning together
- Give both the child and the parent positive attitudes
- Establish good looking, listening and communication skills
- Establish good patterns of movement
- Develop an upright posture with midline orientation and promote hand function
- Establish feeding, toileting and dressing routines
- Introduce the child to an appropriate pre-nursery curriculum
These sessions are often a valuable way for parents to meet other people in a similar situation and to have access to our Family Support Co-ordinator.


The Centre’s Week and Weekend Programmes are for children and young people aged three to 18 years.

Weekly Programme

Children unable to travel to the Centre on a daily basis, as well as young people aged up to 18, can attend the Centre for periodic one-week placements up to four times a year.  A parent and/or Support for Learning Assistant can participate in the programme and there is collaboration with the teaching and therapy professionals in the child’s mainstream school or nursery.  Accommodation is available within the Craighalbert campus or in accommodation located close by.

Weekend Programme

The Centre’s weekend programme, known as ‘Saturday School’, takes place one Saturday per month (ten per year), and is for children with cerebral palsy who currently attend for periodic placements, are attending their local school or nursery and have the ability to walk short distances (with or without aids).

To view forthcoming dates for Weekend Programmes, please click here.

For further information about the Centre’s Weekly and Weekend Programmes, please contact:
Anne Taylor
T: 01236 456100


The Siblings Group is an innovative development currently available to brothers and sisters (aged 3 to 12 years) of children who attend the Saturday School weekend programme. These small group sessions, facilitated by a counsellor, provide the siblings with a secure environment in which to explore their feelings through varied play, art and music activities.


The Centre’s outreach services are currently under review, but will include the development of community-based alternatives to attending the Centre, meaning that access to the Centre’s services will be possible even for those who cannot attend the Craighalbert campus.

Outreach will also involve development of relationships with partner organisations such as local authorities and the NHS, which will again make the Centre’s services more accessible for all.

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