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Parents as Partners

SCCMI is committed to working in partnership with families, welcome parents’ active engagement with their child and consider that a child/young person’s progress is enhanced by the activities undertaken in the Centre being continued at home, and that such parental engagement is one of the Centre’s characteristics.

The effect of a placement is maximised when there is an active engagement of parents in their child’s activities and continuance of their child’s learning and therapeutic activities in the home. Staff discuss, plan arrangements for the formal engagement of parents with their child in the class/therapy rooms. 

Parents Views of Our Work

We have asked some parents to give their views on the impact SCCMI has had on their child’s life and on the way in which we work. 

For the first time since my daughter was born I feel supported and the positivity and encouragement from staff has been hugely helpful to me as a parent. (Mother of BM) 

It's really been the best thing we've done for him. Since M has attended the Centre he has become more confident, more content, and more willing to interact and participate in physio exercises. The staff’s knowledge, patience and understanding has really helped us as parents to gain confidence and teach us new techniques and ideas to work with M and make it more fun for all of us. Now when we arrive at the centre he smiles from ear to ear, and really enjoys his sessions! We also really enjoy meeting other families and sharing experiences. (Mother of MD)

I really couldn’t imagine any other place for my daughter to attend school. The space of the classrooms and the outdoor grounds are fantastic, knowing that there are physios, OT and SLT on hand every day is such an important factor in P’s development. She loves being active and challenged and SCCMI provides this for her. Her favourite activity is swimming and having the hydrotherapy pool on site is such a bonus to her and the children who attend. The staff are very friendly and always looking out for the children’s best interests and there is a good communication between home and school. I wish she could attend every day for life! (Mother of PS)

How has SCCMI helped my son? Having a belief in children – improving their life chances - hope for every child achieving their best -achieving the full potential of all children - total communication and education - my child can now play with toys. (Mother of MG)

The Centre has supported him in learning ways to adapt and develop so that he lives life to the full. It has also allowed my son to have a peer support group where he can discuss his disability in an open way and be supported, not just by the staff but by his friends. It has also allowed us as parents to have our own support network which has been invaluable, not just through the fantastic staff but also through the wonderful parents we have been on our journey with at the Centre. (Mother of MD)

From the day we brought our 2 year old daughter to the Centre, to now (12 years on), I have never doubted the value the sessions have given to her quality of life. The structure of the week, the progress reports, the helpfulness of the staff, and the contact with other parents, have not only given her motivation to learn and overcome, but also us as Parents understanding her needs and goals. I would never hesitate to recommend the Centre, and always make a point of making sure other parents know it is there and what a difference it can make. (Mother of MW)

For us SCCMI doesn’t just support A, but all of us as a family. Having long term relationships with staff with whom we can talk things through with is really important. The family-centric view taken, including siblings and their needs through Saturday sessions and time at Summer School is really important to make the sibling feel part of the Craighalbert experience. A has attended the Centre for nearly 7 years, we’ve been through highs and lows in that time but the Centre has been a constant help and input into giving us ideas of how best to help him, and how he can now, more importantly, help himself. (Mother of AM)

Our child has benefited from SCCMI in so many ways, from building confidence in all the activities she participates in to loving the experience of hydrotherapy. The ratio of staff is excellent. (Mother of CM).

Going to the Centre is one of the best decisions we have made for B. We, as a family, are constantly supported. B has come on in leaps and bounds since he started the Centre and the staff are fantastic with all the children, they are always kept busy with lots of different activities. (Mother of BM)

N loves coming to Craighalbert! All the staff are lovely and friendly and made us feel very welcome from the start! Thanks. (Mother ND)

A has moved on from being confused that her elder brother was ‘less able’ than her to being a total understanding support to him. The change has been so positive in their relationship. We would like to express our gratitude to the benefits A has gained since attending the Siblings Group. 

The Siblings Group helps siblings turn what can be a negative situation into a positive. It’s good for siblings to have the opportunity to chat and discuss things with others who understand what they are thinking and feeling. Home isn’t always the best place to raise sensitive issues. 

SCCMI has been a huge part of my life. Volunteering here is great and the staff have now become my friends. It is a great experience. (Innes, who attended for over 10 years and is now a volunteer).

The programme has given me much more understanding as to how to care for her on a daily basis and also given me a clearer idea of activities which may be beneficial to her long-term development. (Mother of BM)

The support and explanations provided has given us confidence with I’s day to day routine and exercises; this has made a tremendous difference to our family. (Parents of IR)

The sessions have been hugely beneficial to M and to ourselves as his parents. We feel we have gained lots of information and confidence in how to support and help him and we’ve been given so many good ideas about how to make therapy fun. (Parents of MD)

Every single member of staff was very caring, compassionate and appeared genuinely interested in our daughter’s wellbeing and their kind and calming manner was very much appreciated. (Mother of BM)

The service provided to us at SCCMI has been fantastic. (Mother of EJ)

Couldn’t fault the intervention. (Parents of IR)

We have absolutely loved our visits to the Craighalbert Centre. (Parents of MD)

We have found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming and knowledgeable. (Parents of MD)

All the staff are seriously amazing – their patience and encouraging attitude is really appreciated. Thank you all! (Parents of MD)

Excellent, welcoming facilities; we really appreciate the family room and canteen facilities. (Parents of MG)

The hydrotherapy pool is fantastic. (Parents of MG)

Therapy rooms are big, equipment is great providing a great environment for learning. (Parents of MG)

The concept of group work is fantastic; it promotes the children’s social skills and support among parents/carers. (Parents of MG)

All staff have taken time to explain. (Parents of IR)

Staff are welcoming, knowledgeable and always give you time to discuss concerns or questions. (Parents of MG)
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