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Craighalbert Centre

Mission And Vision

The delivery of SCCMI’s services, organisational development and the search for innovation will include the incorporation of best practice from all appropriate external sources in order to fashion a provision which integrates the child/young person’s educational, physical and life skills development in a manner which is progressive, forward- and outward-looking, distinctive and indeed unique in Scotland.

Mission Statement of the Scottish Centre for Children with Motor Impairments

The Scottish Centre for Children with Motor Impairments will endeavour to enable all children/young people with motor learning difficulties abilities, and life skills in order to improve the quality of their lives and achieve their maximum level of independence.

SCCMI’s Vision Statement: the 20/20 Vision 

By the year 2020, the Scottish Centre for Children with Motor Impairments will be a prime exemplar of integrated education and health care for children/young people affected by motor learning difficulties throughout Scotland. In addition, the Centre will seek to be acknowledged by professionals and organisations engaged in the education and health environments as a Scottish centre of excellence in the fields of additional support needs education, incorporating innovative and high quality methods to develop cognitive, psychomotor, life skills development and independence in children and young people affected by neurological deficits.

SCCMI’s Tenets and Values 

SCCMI’s activities and future direction are informed and underpinned by a range of a range of tenets and values which are summarised. 

1All individuals are of equal worth, have equal rights to have their abilities developed, and have the right to develop to their fullest potential.

2. In considering the developmental potential of children/young people:
- education is concerned with the development of the whole person,
- intelligence is not a fixed entity,
- all children and young people have the capacity for progress,
- the focus on a child with additional support needs should be on the achievement, progress and potential realisation rather than on their difficulties.

3. Each child/young person’s physical, communication and education needs should be fully and comprehensively addressed in whatever environment the child is educated. 

4. Each child/young person should receive a qualitatively and quantitatively appropriate level of educational and therapeutic service which meets their individual needs

5.  Parents have the right to expect that their child will engage with staff of the highest professional and academic calibre available within Scotland.

6. SCCMI will strive to provide services and professional input of the highest quality for each child related to education, ability development, life skills capability and communication.  

7. The nature of SCCMI’s approach requires that services are delivered through multi-professional teams, working in a co-professional manner.

8. SCCMI will endeavour to ensure that its services are delivered by professional staff of the highest calibre who are:
- highly educated and highly skilled,
- possess a high level of contemporary knowledge, 
- are professionally articulate, 
- possess a high level of communicative abilities, and
- operate to the highest professional and ethical standards.

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